Smart Classroom Equipments

Education is considered as one of the needs of a human. It is important for humans as much as cloths and foods. Education is not only about reading and writing. It’s about how a man or a woman can live in the society without being a burden to anyone. And it’s also about developing your skills and perspectives. Furthermore, we can say that education is about making the society a better place for the future generation through morality, literature, values, heritage and traditions. Education has many sides such as teaching, leaning and doing feedback assessment activities. However, it’s a must to discuss the connection between the technology and the education. Today almost all the schools tend to use Information and Technology Communication products. Using technology we can create a smart digital classroom through an ordinary classroom.

To have a smart digital classroom, we have to have some equipment such as, a desktop or a laptop as the central system, camera, DVD player, projector, Clicker Pads, multimedia pens, speakers and etc.

Equipments which create a Smart Digital Classroom

Students’ Response System

Everyone accepts that having a smart digital classroom makes the learning and also the teachings easy for them. For example if we take clicker pad in Australia students say that it’s fun and also easy to use and they like the ability of providing instant feedbacks. This device is popular for posing multiple choice questions to the entire class to check the understanding of the entire class about the key concepts. Then collecting their responses, the instructor can project a graph or a table. Using this method, the teacher can decide the next step.

Interactive Whiteboards

Most of the time teachers whine about using the blackboard. But the technology has solved that problem too. Genee Technology is the perfect solution for the teaching problems using the blackboard. This device simplifies the difficulty of teaching. This comes with LED touch screen which makes it easy to handle. And this has multi touch facility which provides the facility to handle the number of users simultaneously.

Teachers use projectors to teach to a whole class.

This gives the facility for every student to learn as one. Rather than watching what students’ have got in their textbooks, they enjoy watching their lessons in a giant clear board.

Video Conferencing System

This gives the students the chance to talk with experts all around the world for interactive voting system services in Australia. Through this, students become aware about the global issues. Without wasting your time and money, now students can go anywhere and have the same experience as they have visited the original place. Ability of working together and advantage of gaining a vast knowledge about the world are other profits of using Video Conferencing System.