About Embedded System: A Perfect System

An Embedded system is a combination of computer software programming and hardware circuitry which is mainly designed to execute a specific task or function. It is also considered as a computer system with the enthusiastic operation in the bigger electrical or mechanical systems.

This embedded system manages a lot of electrical and electronics devices in present time. It includes mechanical parts and circuitry part of hardware, hence it is considered as embedded. Typical properties of the embedded computer as contrast with the general purpose computers, they use lower consumption of electricity or power, they are smaller in size, lower at costing of per unit and have various operating arrays, also see this quality promotional corporate gifts.

What is Microcontroller?
A microcontroller is a fundamental key for embedded system. It includes a core of CPU, memory for the program that is ROM, a memory for temporary storage of data that is RAM, one or more than one Timers, in addition with input and output lines to communicate with external peripherals and complementary resources. These all components are placed in a single chip.

Where embedded systems are usually found?
• An Embedded system mainly found in Mp3 Players, video games, USB Flash Drive, digital cameras, printers, DVD players and PDA’s etc.
• A few of appliances for households like as dishwashers, microwave ovens and washing machines, these appliances consists of embedded system which gives efficiency to appliances, also gives flexibility and added features to it.
• The home mechanization uses wireless networking and wired networking which make in use to control climatic conditions, lights, security, supervision, audio and video recordings, etc., these are the devices that uses an embedded system for controlling and sensing.
Characteristics of Embedded system:
• An embedded system is designed to perform some definite tasks, moderately than a general purpose computer system for number of tasks.
• An embedded system is not all the time stand alone mechanism.
• A lot of embedded system consists of smaller in size, automated parts in bigger machinery which provides an added general purpose.

Reliability of Embedded system is as follows:
An embedded system frequently exist in machinery parts that are supposed to work constantly for number of years with no faults and in some of the cases they recovers by itself in condition if any error takes place. That’s why this software’s generally developed and then tested with more awareness than for PC’s and variable motorized parts like as buttons or switches and disk drives are making avoided.
Some of the reliability concerns are as follows:
• These embedded system can’t securely be shut down for the purpose of repairing, also it is excessively unreachable to make it repair.
• The embedded system will mislay the huge amounts of capital whenever shut down. So, these systems have to be kept working for the safety motives.